Font and keyboard development

Fonts are the face of a publication. Many publishers realize this and consider fonts as a part of their publications brand. While it might not be apparent to an average reader, not all Times Roman fonts are the same. There are hundreds of versions, each crafted to address the specific requirement of its creator.
Summit has been creating, designing, and digitizing fonts for almost two decades. While much of the work is for its in-house product Indica, many demanding publishers get their fonts customized from Summit. Summit’s font works are recognized for their quality and consistency. In the absence of a standard keyboard layout, many of the non-Roman languages enjoyed the freedom of having to choose from multiple keyboard layouts. Each created by its legacy typewriter or typesetting manufacturer, each learning and improvising on previous work, each adapting for modern technology without the baggage of any inefficient or old standard. As a result, today different users are trained in different keyboard layouts.
Summit has been helping users to adapt and retain their older keyboard layouts when they seek to migrate to newer technologies. Be it Windows, Macintosh, or Linux; or for that matter be it web or mobile, Summit has been offering its customers the facility to maintain consistency over technology or devices.